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The Lakeview Area of New Orleans has some of the most desirable Homes For Sale in New Orleans. As one of the most popular real estate searches in the country, Lakeview New Orleans in considered to be one of New Orleans real estate best neighborhoods and has been in high demand for years. Below you will see the most recent homes for sale in Lakeview New Orleans.


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Homes For Sale In Lakeview

Lakeview New Orleans

The Lakeview Area is a remarkable community within New Orleans, found in the northwest of the city and bounded by City Park on one side and 17th Street Canal (Metairie) on the other side.  Lake Pontchartrain is just a few blocks away to the north, giving Lakeview residents an abundance of recreation opportunities, including boating and sailing with both the Southern Yacht Club and the New Orleans Yacht Club serving the area.  Within the Lakeview District Area, there are several smaller sub-districts, two of the most prestigious being Lakeview and Lakewood.  It also has easy access to City Park to enjoy all the many wonders it offers.

The Lakeview neighborhood is bounded by Robert E. Lee Boulevard to the north, I-610 to the south, Orleans Avenue to the east and Pontchartrain Boulevard to the west.  “West” Lakeview is bounded by Pontchartrain Boulevard and the 17th Street Canal.  Since Hurricane Katrina, all areas of the Lakeview District Area have made a strong comeback.  Homes in Lakeview prior to Hurricane Katrina were largely cottages.  Since Hurricane Katrina, there are a number of architectural styles due to all the new construction homes being built.  Homes for sale in Lakeview range from $200,000 to over $1.5 million.

The Lakewood neighborhoods (North and South) are bounded by Veterans Boulevard to the north, the Pontchartrain Expressway to the east, and the 17th Street Canal to the west.  Lakewood North and South have homes of diverse size and architectural styles with slab foundations.  You will find these homes often come with backyard pools.  Homes for sale in Lakewood North and South range from $300,000 to over $1 million.

In addition to great homes for sale, Lakeview and Lakewood also have an ideal location with easy access to all that New Orleans has to offer.  Harrison Avenue is the main street of Lakeview for shopping and more with numerous wonderful shops, restaurants, coffee shops, businesses and more to enjoy!!

Lakeview New Orleans Real Estate

The real estate market in Lakeview has been on fire since Hurricane Katrina.  With investors from all over the country coming in with high hopes of making money, just about every home in Lakeview has been updated to modern real estate standards.  With its close proximity to Metaire, Lakeview homes uniquely offers a New Orleans address and character while still having access to malls, restaurants and modern conveniences of suburban living. All of this has made Lakeview New Orleans one of the most desirable communities in the United States.

Based on the census figures in 2010, the median age of people settling in Lakeview settlers fell to 36.9 from 41.4 in 2000 – a 35% percent decline in 10 years. Lakeview is now one of the more affluent neighborhoods in New Orleans.

The new business opportunities in Lakeview have drawn multi-billion dollar companies to blend into the community and investors perceive the area as a safe bet for real estate whenever there’s a lot available.

Lakeview is thriving and prosperous area of New Orleans and has a lot to offer for the young professional, those with a growing family or those looking to retire in a quiet well maintained neighborhood.

If you would like more information regarding homes for sale in the Lakeview or Lakewood neighborhoods of New Orleans, Louisiana, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

About Lakeview

Lakeview New Orleans is one of the most desirable communities in the area for young professionals and growing families in the New Orleans metropolitan area. It is tucked and encircled by the bustling community of Metairie on one side, the expansive 1,300 acre City Park on another, and the beautiful Lake Pontchartrain on another. The homes in this area are the cream of the crop and is one of the fastest growing communities in the area. Here residents can experience the tranquility of waterside living, without sacrificing the convenience of the modern amenities that the city of New Orleans has to offer.

 The Lakeview Community

Lakeview gives families the opportunity to be close to unique New Orleans culture and flair while hosting a number of its own unique experiences, including local shopping and restaurants, but that’s not all.

Being a lakefront community, Lakeview has several marinas where you can launch your boat or rent a space to harbor your boat so it’s ready anytime you are. On any given day Lake Pontchartrain is full of people skiing, fishing and just enjoying the water. On your way to the lakefront, stop by Russell’s Marina Grill.  Established in 1985, it was the first business to open its doors after Katrina’s devastating track through the Lakeview-Lakefront area. Like many businesses Russell’s had to make the decision to rebuild or relocate. On November 17th 2005, with limited resources, staff, and menu, the restaurant opened its doors and remains a strong member of the business community in Lakeview.

Lakeview has an impressive list of other restaurants as well. Lakefront restaurants are very popular and include Landry’s and the Blue Crab. Both restaurants have decks where you can sit out and enjoy the lake view.

If you are a yachting enthusiast, Lakeview is home to the Southern Yacht Club.  Founded in 1849, according to its website the club was “Established for the advancement of the science of sailing and yachting, and for the encouragement of athletic competition and social interaction among its members.” The year after its founding, on July 4th, 1850, SYC held the first of what was to become an annual race from New Orleans to Pass Christian. The race course winds its way across Lake Pontchartrain through The Rigolets to Lake Borgne and then into the Mississippi Sound. This annual Race to the Coast continues today and is one of the very oldest regattas still regularly contested in the Western Hemisphere.

Lakeview NOLA

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The New Canal Lighthouse is a famous NOLA landmark. Sitting on a small peninsula that juts into the lake, it was first built in 1839 and then rebuilt by the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation. It is the fourth lighthouse on the site. You can take a guided tour of the museum, visit the gift shop and hear about the history of a light, a lake and a coast. Or you can just take a cool stroll along the lake! The lighthouse beacon shines every night, to aid mariners as they navigate the basin!

Lakeview is bordered on one side by City Park which has a plethora of outdoor and indoor options for Lakeview residents to enjoy. Here are some of the unique offerings of the 1,300 acre park:

Not to be confused with that other “big lake”, City Park’s Big Lake is definitely one of the Park’s most popular recreational attractions. The lake is surrounded by 25 acres filled with art installations, wildlife and wetlands, paths for walking, jogging and biking, the New Orleans Museum of Art and much, much more! Parking is available on Lelong Avenue and in a lot on the north side of Big Lake on Friedrichs Avenue.

City Park’s Singing Oak is one of the many unexpected delights visitors stumble upon when exploring the park. This large oak tree, which sits adjacent to Big Lake near the intersection of Wisner and Lelong in the John S. McIlhenny Meadow, is strung with a set of wind chimes that ring a pentatonic (five notes per octave) scale. This musical art installation was designed by artist Jim Hart, and is proof positive that there’s always music in the air in New Orleans! Fun fact: one of the chimes in the Singing Oak is 14-feet long.

Wheel Fun Rentals provides boats and bikes for rental from the Boat House on Big Lake. Boats and bikes can be rented 7 days a week. See City Park from a new perspective! Spend a lazy afternoon floating with the ducks, swans and geese on the park’s historic bayous and lagoons. You can check out the boating and biking City Park page for hours of operation and boat rental rates.

Explore City Park on two wheels! City Park sports over four miles of bike paths that will take riders from Bayou St. John all the way back to Lake Pontchartrain. There are also trails surrounding Big Lake, throughout the park and along the Festival Grounds. No bike? No problem. Bikes can be rented from the City Park Boat House on Big Lake. Take a ride with a friend on a tandem bike or enjoy a surrey bike with a canopy. Bike Rental Rates can be found at Bike City Park.

If you like to run or walk, Lakeview has several parks and running paths. Running along the beautiful stretch of Lake Pontchartrain is a great way to get your heart pumping.  You can also check out Zemurray Trail, a three-quarter-mile trail ringing Big Lake. You may never want to go back to a gym. The scenic path is designed for walking, jogging or biking, and is one of the most beautiful places in New Orleans to burn off a few pounds.

The New Orleans Museum of Art is the city’s oldest fine arts institution. The museum sits just steps away from Big Lake and is home to a permanent collection of 40,000 objects ranging from French and American art to photography, glass and Japanese exhibits. While there, you don’t want to miss the the five-acre Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden that holds more than 60 sculptures valued at over $25 million.

Nature Lover?

City Park is full of rare and native birds, including brown pelicans and the park’s waddling gaggles of ducks and swans. Other things to check out at the park: the Pump House; the lake’s fountain, which shoots water 40 feet into the air; the Louisiana Trail dotted with trees representing Louisiana’s seven distinct tree regions. The lake is divided by the Enrique Alferez bridge, and the tranquil, smaller section of the lake which is a popular spot for picnickers and the Park’s geese. If you like nature, you will love exploring all of the nooks and crannies around Big Lake and in City Park.

Whatever you enjoy doing for your recreational time, Lakeview is a great choice with a lot of options.

Lakeview Properties

With homes for sale in Lakeview ranging in price from $150,000 condos to $2.9 million Lakeview/Lakefront mansions, this small community has its share of real estate options and offers both budget-friendly and luxury home options to those looking to buy a home.  With several major thoroughfares nearby, residents can easily travel to either downtown New Orleans or the busy commerce areas of Metairie, making it a great choice for families, as well as commuting professionals.

Whatever you enjoy doing for your recreational time, Lakeview is a great choice with a lot of options.