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Uptown is one of those impressive neighborhoods of New Orleans. If derived from the historic definition, the broadest definition of “Uptown” includes everything upriver from Canal Street, encompassing nearly one-third of New Orleans. Its narrowest definition refers to an area of a few dozen blocks surrounding the intersection of St. Charles and Jefferson Avenues. However, when New Orleanians refer to “Uptown,” they are usually referring to the area closer to the river, nearer the modern CBD/Warehouse District and upriver from the Pontchartrain Expressway.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the federal Uptown New Orleans Historic District is bounded by Jackson Avenue to Broadway and the river to S. Claiborne Avenue. Once known as the Faubourg Bouligny, the neighborhood of Uptown as defined by the Greater New Orleans Community Data Center is the area between Jefferson Avenue, LaSalle Street, Magazine Street and Napoleon Avenue.


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Uptown – Carrollton New Orleans

Carrollton is a community within Uptown and includes the Carrollton Historic District.  Carrollton is located farthest from the French Quarter and is bounded by the downriver border of Jefferson Parish, the Mississippi River, Lowerline and Fig Streets.  Homes for sale in the Uptown/Carrollton area of New Orleans vary depending upon a number of factors including the property’s age, size, style, location and special features.  Single family homes typically range from $259,900 to $8 million, while condos range from $105,000 to $2.4 million.

Residents will be able to enjoy and have easy access to Audubon Park, Audubon Zoo, numerous restaurants, coffee shops, Whole Foods Grocery, and numerous clothing and furniture shops.  Tulane University and Loyola University are also found in this area.

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