Using a Real Estate Agent To Buy A Home

using a realtor

Using a Real Estate Agent to buy Your Next Home

As the old adage goes, your home is your castle. Your home, after all, is where you will raise your family, grow old surrounded by your loved ones, and throughout your working life, squirrel away equity in order to live as comfortably as possible in retirement. Finding the right home, is in this case, of paramount importance. The only question is, should you use a dedicated real estate agent to find and buy your next property? Or should you risk attempting to search and buy your next home directly from a current home owner or property developer?


Why New Orleans Realtors Still Get Buyers The Best Deals


Are you and your family looking to buy property in Lakeview, New Orleans? If so, you benefit from potentially buying property in one of the most enviable suburban areas in the city. However, unless you have the time and resources to become a property agent yourself, your likely going to find it inordinately difficult to find the home of your dreams without the help of a professional real estate agent.

This is because the dream of home-ownership differs significantly from the practical reality of being able to tell the difference between the right property and the wrong property for you and your family.


Getting The Best Price Possible


To demonstrate, the past eight years have been some of the most turbulent ever, not just in New Orleans but all over the US. 2008 saw millions of homes across America flatline in value. Worse, millions more slipped all the way into negative equity. Of course, the housing market has recovered in leaps and bounds ever since. However, the last thing that you want is to invest in a property where existing property owners present you with what you might not realize is an unreasonable asking price.

Kathy Marshall and other New Orleans real estate agents know the New Orleans housing market inside out. We know what a fair price is. In like regard, we know where in Lakeview you will stand to see your new home appreciate better in value over time.


However, licensed real estate agents also benefit from being able to access to the MLS database. Using the MLS database, a Louisiana REALTOR can subsequently find homes for sale which meet your ideal specifications, are within your budget, and which are ideal for both residential and investment purposes.


We Protect you & Help You Make More Informed Buying Choices  


In many ways, part of a real estate agents job is to protect new home buyers from making impulsive decisions which they might come to regret later. Of course, prevailing fallacies often imply otherwise. However, National Association of Realtors (NAR) realtors, are duty bound put home buyers interests first in any and every real estate transaction. This means that realtors are bound to advertise properties honestly. This and fully disclose everything from known structural problems to any reasons why a property might be priced to sell faster than usual.

In fact, as well as always being able to identify an overpriced property, a real estate agent will often even go so far as to insist (on your behalf) that any necessary repairs are made to a property prior to you agreeing to purchase. 


Completely Free & 100% Personal Service


The best part about using a real estate agent to help you fall in love with your next property is that you can benefit from local realtor services completely free of charge. What this means is that you get second to none local area expertise coupled with all the help you need to close a sale, as part of what is essentially a gratis service. In this case, don’t try and do thinks the hard way. Reach out today for the professional assistance you deserve and will be able to rely upon, no matter how easy or arduous your next property search.  

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